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The music of Waveform is composed, performed and produced by Steve Blenkinsopp. Steve lives with his wife and two children in Scarborough, on the coast of North Yorkshire in the UK.

Steve's love affair with the synthesiser began with the Wasp: a revolutionary (for the time!) British synth. Steve's studio grew ever larger, and today Steve records at Mainstream Studios, armed with an exciting array of synths and recording technology.

The Music of Waveform was first heard on the compilation CD Surreality, released on the Surreal To Real label. Shortly afterwards, Making Waves was released and greeted with critical acclaim. Work started shortly afterwards on the second Waveform CD: Virtual World. Five years in the making, Virtual World contains over an hours worth of Music: the tracks blending seamlessly together for an unforgettable musical experience.

Whilst Virtual World is more up-tempo, the often relaxing sounds of Making Waves has seen the album used by therapists; as background music in Sea Life Centres in the UK and sampled by other artists and used in their own releases.

Steve has worked as a Live Sound Engineer and a Recording Engineer in 24 track facilities throughout the North of England. He has produced CDs for other artists, and written music for Computer Games. (See Current Projects for details.)

Steve's experience in the field of Music and Technology has seen him lecture on the subject , assemble sound sample collections, and produce work for companies such as Sony and Virgin.

Click here for an interview with Steve on the recording of Virtual World

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