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Welcome to the Homepage of Waveform. To those of you unfamiliar with the music of Waveform, it is produced in a similar vein to such artists as Vangelis and Jean Michelle Jarre, but with a unique style and flavour that is uniquely Waveform.

Here you can discover all about the music of Waveform and download an exciting track offering a taste of Virtual World: the second Waveform CD. Why not download the track while browsing the site? Simply select the Audio Examples Link above and follow the instructions.

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If you've visited the site before, click on the What's New link above for the latest additions.

The site makes good use of Graphics and Sound, so make sure your browser is set to display images or you will be missing out!

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Enjoy your stay here, we want you to share in the growing number of those who get pleasure in experiencing the music of Waveform.

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