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Here you can download an exciting track that offers you a taste of Virtual World. Excerpts from various tracks have been specially mixed, to give you a flavour of the whole CD. We will shortly have some Making Waves tracks for you to download too.

The track is recorded in the MP3 format for almost CD quality but with a reduced download time. Whilst the track is downloading, most browsers allow you to carry on visiting the site, so have a good look around while it is downloading.

To download the track PC users should RIGHT CLICK on the text below. Mac users should hold down alt (or option) key and then click.

Start Download

The file is roughly 3.6Mb, and will take about 10 minutes to download on a 56K modem.

If you don't yet have an MP3 player for your Mac or PC (You really should have one by now!), then the next page has links to the various sites where you can download free players.

Sites With Free MP3 Players

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