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Four years in the making, Virtual World is a sonic adventure: a journey into a virtual reality that rewards and inspires the listener with its depth and rich variety of musical styles.
Using advanced music and speech synthesis techniques, Virtual World explores the theme of Virtual Reality. Set in the near future, the album begins by introducing the listener to the worlds first Virtual Reality Network.
Allow yourself to be drawn into your own Virtual World. Using the track titles as your guide, let the music of Waveform take you through "The Gateway Of Infinity", and "Deeper and Deeper In", to confront your own "Technophobia" in the Virtual World.
Experience the freedom of "Flight", and soar to a beautiful "Vista". Take the controls of a "Tornado", and fly over desert "Wastelands" where the rainforests once stood. Experience "Digital Love", and immerse yourself in the chilling persona of a deadly "Assassin", but as you enter "Dreamstate", the dividing line between reality and the Virtual World blurs. Dare you climb the "Stairway Of Lost Souls" to prepare for a "New Reality"?
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