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Purchase Information - Europe - EEC

Credit Cards - We are now able to offer credit card purchases in Euros via the secure server of PayPal: Please note - you don't have to have a PayPal account to make a payment.

Autographed copies are available upon request at the time of order - please mention this in the "other information box" before the checkout.

European Price List

Prices are €16.99 per CD, €9.95 per cassette.

Waveform - Making Waves CD

Waveform - Virtual World CD

Waveform - Making Waves & Virtual World CD Bundle €32 Special!

Waveform - Making Waves Cassette

Waveform - Virtual World Cassette

Waveform - Making waves & Virtual World on Cassette plus bonus limited edition Gently Does It 4 track Cassette €19 Special!

Carriage Charges: 1 item = €2.70, 2 items €3.99, 3 items €4.99, Carriage free for orders of €100 or over

If you have any questions regarding the above you can Email them to us by clicking: waveform_uk@lineone.net