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The following quotes are taken from various reviews of Making Waves.

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"Making Waves is a musical revelation that rewards the listener with an abundance of uplifting themes and melodies that touch the heart and stir the imagination", "Gloriously melodic", "compares favourably to Vangelis on top form!", "rich in melody and full of life...Waveform have presented a splendid debut CD release well worthy of a place in your collection."
The CD starts with 'in Search of New Horizons'- a classic piece of modem synth music featuring beautiful themes interplaying on a tapestry of synths, guitar/bell samples and electronic percussion. This track is featured on the 'Surreality' sampler CD, and was an excellent choice as it captures perfectly Steve's very individual style.
'Stormbringer' is probably my favourite track on the album. From a very short synthesised thundery opening a superb melody is constructed which, once in full flight, has the infectious qualities to keep you plunging for the replay key on you CD player! 'First Sight' is a very atmospheric track featuring wonderfully complex voices made up of choral sounds, traditional synth and bubbling water seamlessly blended together.
On the face of it, this CD would seem to have all the right ingredients - strong tracks performed by a very talented musician and recorded using what sounds like state-of-the-art technology - but... Well that's the good part, there aren't any buts. Just go out, buy it, and enjoy!
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